All Emails have blank text - No Email composing possible


I am a PRO User and my version is the latest one 7.0.26453.0

I open a new post, becaus the related topics in the forum are old and all are not answered with a solution.

Since a week ALL email, this means new receiverd emails and also existing emails have a blank text. An updae of EMclient did not take place.

Additionally I cannot write a emailtext. If I make a new Email,  can add a adress but I cannot jump into the Text window. This is the same if Iwant to forward an email. It is not possible to come with the cursor into the text section. Neither by clicking or using the TAB.

So rigth now a usage of EmClient is not possible.

Going directly onto the webserver shows all emails with text correctly. Also using another Emailclient works.

Please let me know what to do.


If you are using Gmail Try this  Go to gmail from browser go to settings  then labels   and make sure that the label  All Mail is set on  (show in IMAP  )  if does not work set All Mail label to SHOW 

this exact same thing just happened to me, 3 years later, but with the most recent version (see: after an update.  I rolled back and everything was fine for a couple weeks, but now a windows update yesterday caused the exact same problem again (eM client was NOT updated this time).  This seems like a possible .Net problem because the the email content view/edit control is completely unavailable, cannot tab to it, no right click, nothing.
Also worth noting that all my emails are downloaded correctly, all the folders are there, I can delete them correctly, calendar updates correctly, I just cannot view the contents of any email I select.  Also, like the op, composing a new email is impossible because you can not place the cursor in the content area of the email.