All emails from a certain company/domain being sent to junk!

eMclient is moving all the emails I receive from a certain company to the junk folder. I presume this is because their domain has been blacklisted? If that is the case, can I un-blacklist their domain within the client or is this a server issue? Thank you in advance.

Yes, there is a way.  Simply click on the email in question while it is in the junk folder, then click on “Move to Inbox” in the menu above.  A dialog box will appear asking “What action do you want to perform?,” giving you two choices:

  • Move to Inbox
  • Move to Inbox and remove blacklisted domain

Hello Arthur,
what mustangace mentions above is one way to go about it, but you can also go to Tools>Rules and edit the Blacklist rule yourself manually and remove any domains you do not wish to blacklist anymore.
If the domain is not in eM Client’s blacklist then it must be your server rules sending the messages to Junk.