All emails being DELETED when trying to delete them one at a time

While deleting my emails individually.  After deleting one email and moving on to the next and deleting it, all the remaining emails are being deleted too.  I have them set to go to the trash folder and not delete permanently.   They delete as normal while in the trash folder.  Anyone have any idea of what’s going on?

I suspect what you are describing may be the result of conversation mode.  Since conversations are grouped on one line in the message list (by default), deleting the one item will delete all messages in the conversation.  While in the conversation mode, you can delete individual messages by right-clicking on the message in the reading pane and select “delete”.

Also, you can change the way conversations are displayed.  Go to menu/tools/settings/email/read and check “Show conversations in conversations detail only”.  This will display individual messages in the message list, but group conversations together in the reading pane.  This allows you to delete individual messages from the message list.

Or, you can turn conversations off completely by checking “Disable conversations”.

Thanks for the quick replay.  I disabled conversations.  Hopefully this solves the issue.