All emails and local folders tree are gone

Dear all,

After a crash from my computer, eM Client indicated that my database was corrupted and fixed it.
But since, all is empty, all my local folders tree and emails are gone.

In this folder I can see large files : C:\Users\Nano\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\Local Folders
(mail_data.dat = 1,27 Go), so it seems my emails are stuck here.
If I copy and rename “folders.dat” to “folders.dat-wal”, my local folders tree is back but still empty (all my emails are still gone).

Please, it’s very important to bring me back all my work from years and I really need your help.

I use the very last version of French eM Client (9.0.1361) with POP3 (and SMTP) account configuration. As I checked “Remove from server after 7 days”, I don’t have any email anymore…
Of course, I don’t have a backup… My bad.

I really hope some of you will give me a hand, it’s so important to me.

Thank you so much for your time,
Waiting for your answer,
Have a nice day all.