all emails and account information lost

When I opened eM Client today, all of the emails in all folders were gone, deleted, and the account settings for webmail were lost. The only setting that remained was the license key.

The software was asking for a free or professional license, even though the free license was already installed.

Is there a way to recover these lost emails?

Thank you!

I lost all my emails after an update and I did used a restore point. I picked the day before and got all my emails back. Type in “restore point” in help.

Hi Dawn,

That is a wonderful suggestion, thank you! I tried it but the restore function encountered an error.


The problem occurred when the product had an automatic version update from version 6 to version 7. I would not use this product again.

You need to import your previous data.  Go to menu/file/import and select eM Client 6.  This option appears in the update, but is easy to miss.

Hi Jay,

I tried your suggestion but it did not work, perhaps because I had tried using a few different system restore points first.

Thank you,