all email send saved as concept instead of being send

using version 6.0.21889.0
exchange 2013 sp1

account details use server

When i send an email with eMclient it appears to be send.

but when i check in webclient the email is stored in the sent items as a concept and the email is not really send. in the client i can press edit concept and press the send button. then it is send.

it looks like the eMclient is using the webmail of exchange to comunicate, but this apearently doesnt work as expected.

is there somewhere an option i can chenage to make the software work?

Hi Peet, eM client includes an option to not send your messages immediately after hitting the send button, but the default setup for this option is to send the message immediately, so you would have to uncheck the option manually.

Navigate to Tools > Settings > Mail > Send and make sure the “Send messages immediately” option is checked.

However I believe that while using an Exchange account this kind of behavior could be setup in your Exchange settings online as well and that eM client is only synchronizing the items based on the performed actions on your server.