All email gone after switch to IMAP, back to POP


I tried to change account to IMAP instead of the POP account I used and now all email is gone.
I created a POP account again, but still all inbox is empty.

Any tricks to revert and get my email back?
I got no backup.

If you change from POP to IMAP (before removing your pop account) you would normally create a folder down in eM Client (Local folders) at the bottom left called eg: Old Mail. Then drag all your POP Mail folders down to that Old Mail folder. Then finally remove your POP account and add your IMAP account, and then drag all your old pop mail up to the same matching imap folder.

However as your pop mail is now gone, if you have had the automatic backups enabled in eM Client Settings or been doing manual backups in eM Client via “Menu / Backup”, then you can try restoring your email via “Menu / File / Restore” and choose a backup date when your POP mail was there.

If you don’t have any backups to restore in eM Client, then if you do backup images (of your entire computer) every now and again, you could also restore that.

You don’t seem to have the basics down. For your information, here’s a simplified version of what pop and imap are.

You had pop. Pop is the system that downloads all the emails to your computer and you are totally responsible for them. The host does not retain copies of your email.

Imap is just the opposite. All the emails are kept on the host computer in the cloud and you only have as much as needed to function. The emails you see is a reflection of what’s in the cloud.

Local folders are a place to put all the stuff you want to keep locally ie. on your computer even if you have IMAP. So, when @cyberzork tells you to copy all your stuff to subfolders under local, he’s saying those are not going to be a reflection of the cloud, they are going to be in addition to what’s in the cloud.

It appears what you did, what say, “I want to make my local computer look like the empty email that exists in the cloud” and it did it for you.

Emclient has a lovely built-in automatic backup with sub-versions that will happen without you doing anything whenever you close the program, which should be every day.

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