All Email Functionality Locked Due to Licensing Issues that Don't Exist

Recently, you contacted us about concerns of commercial usage of eM Client. We did have 1 computer that was using it partially for commercial purposes, so my wife paid the $50. Now it is operating correctly and that part is good.

However, now you have blocked our personal account, which uses the same root domain, and we don’t know why. This has nothing to do with our company. Yes, the email address is set up through the company server, but it is our personal email. You are welcome to do one of those login check things where you can see the types of emails we receive at the address. Again, there is nothing company or business related AT ALL. So what do we need to do to resolve this. I have emails that are being held up in the inbox right now and no emails are coming in. I can’t have my communication with my family and friends held up.

I am posting here because I emailed George Wilson and received no response. Time is of the essence.


Michael T. Roberts

Hi Michael,

I’m really surprised that no one from eM Client staff replied to your post in 2 weeks.

Have you tried  ?
That’s for Pro support, but  since the issue is linked because the company server
it gets a bit more complicated.

You may also try to send a mail to and refer to this topic.
Mention the free license number and email addres  under which you you registered
the free license.