All day events being converted to timed events after sync

If I add a “new all day event” in emclient and then sync it with exchange it gets converted to an event starting at 1am and finishing at 1am the next day.    It’s a bit annoying as I don’t really use my calendar for timed events as the times clutter up the month view a bit.

Hi, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?

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Hi Paul, it’s version 6.0.20154.0

all day event after sync

Hi, can you please make a screenshot of the Event details (shown on double-click) as well?
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ok here it is:

Ok, the issue is caused by an incorrect setup of the event. You’ve managed to setup an event that’s just 24hours long but it’s not actually an all-day event.

If you can see the “All day event” checkbox in the event details … it’s unchecked, if you check this box, then the event will be considered an all day event.

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P.S. You can create all day events from week view, by double clicking into the empty area under the date, you can’t assign it to a certain time.
In month view you can just select the day and start typing, or click and drag over the day you want to create the event for…

Hi Paul,

I think what you now see as an event from 1 o’clock till 1 o’clock is NOT what Adrian has done. Adrian says he had created an ‘all day event’ in eM Client, which was converted to this 24-hour event after synching with Microsoft Exchange server.

I have the feeling it’s more related to a 1 hour offset because of time zones…

Thanks for the reply Paul, the trouble seems to be that the “all day event” box IS ticked when I first set up the event in eM client, but the trouble comes when I sync it with exchange, as this process removes the “all day event” tick and changes the time from 1am to 1am the next day.

Hi sorry for the confusion.
Can you please try updating your application to this version? 

Let me know if that helped your issue, thank you,

Thanks Paul, the update to v6.0.20224.0 seems to have fixed this bug relating to “all day” events as they now stay as all day events even after syncing with exchange.

This is really helpful as em client seems to be the only non microsoft calendar client that works with exchange (I use imap and thunderbird for my email so only need em client for its calendar function, as thunderbird does not have a very good calendar!)

Is v6.0.20224.0 a beta release as v6.0.20154.0 seems to be the default version that appears on the download page for em client?

Hi, I’m glad it worked. The version I’ve sent you is currently an internal release, 6.0.20154.0 is currently the latest official version.

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I have noticed a strange thing today in that if I add a new all day event in em client it all looks fine when viwed in em client  but if I then view the calendar on my android phone (which also is synced with exchange) the event shows as an event starting at 1am and ending at 1am the next day.   I have not yet had a chance to see what the event looks like when viewed in outlook, but I should be able to check this when i’m back at work next week.

Please let me know, when you have the information, so we can take another look at this…

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I have checked the events by opening them in outlook (“all day” events that i created in emclient) and can confirm that they appear in outlook as 2 day events starting at 1am and ending at 1am the next day.   It also looks like the “timezone” is set to UTC rather than “London, Lisbon etc” which could explain the 1hr offset.

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can you please right click the calendar folder and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button if that helps?

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