All Day Event in Calendar Gets Turned Off for New Event

I am running eM Client Pro 9.1.2109 on Windows 11.

When I create a new event and turn on the “All Day Event” slide, eM Client turns off the “All Day Event” slide and reverts back to start and end hours when I do the “Save & Close”. Then, I have to open the event, turn on the “All Day Event” slide again, and do the “Save & Close” to get it back to an all day event.

I thank you for a great product and your professional support.

Is this a local calendar event or a cloud calendar event. ?

If it’s a cloud calendar event, which cloud calendar account do you have ? eg: Gmail, MS Outlook (Exchange), Apple iCloud, etc.

I have two calendars in my Local Folders and the problem occurs in both of them when adding a new event. My sequence is click New to open a new event, enter a title, click on the All Day Event, use the Start Date pop-up calendar to click on Nov. 25th, and hit Save & Close. When I look at my calendar, the new event was not saved as an All Day Event.

Something else I just noticed when testing my problem is that when I go back to my calendar and put my cursor on the newly created event, the cursor shows as a double sideways arrow instead of a regular pointer for the other events. I hope this helps.


I have replicated this “Local Calendar” problem using eM Client V9.1.2109 for Windows.

On further investigation, the problem appears to be “when you select All-Day event” on the far right and then choose the date eg: 25th of Nov as in your example above, the “End Date” does not automatically change to the same date 25th Nov.

So then when you click “Save and Close” it disables the All-Day event “due to the end date doesn’t match the Start date”. This is a bug.

It works the second time after re-selecting the All-Day event slider, because when you then re-open that same event, you will see the “End date” is automatically then selected for the same day the 25th of Nov.

So the work around at the moment till this is fixed, is "after you select All Day event and choose the Start Date, “change the End Date as well to be the same day”. Then Save and Close and it will work.

(Replicated the All Day event disabling when you Save and Close if you don’t change the End date).

The other unusual thing i notice is that when I create the All Day Local event, compared to when I reopened the same event, the (Start and End AM times) changed. Don’t know why that occurs as i reopened the same event within a few seconds after creating it. Replicated this problem as well.

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You can right click on the day you want and choose New Event, or New All-Day Event. It will correctly create an all day event even if you slide the all day option, because as far as I can see the bug only happens if you change the date while creating the local event.

We already have a bug report open for this.


Yes as you said @Gary you can also get around this problem by “Right clicking” on the specific day, where this issue “only currently happens” when you click “New” and then select a later Start Date.

Great there is a fix otw.

@Gary and @cyberzork:

I thank you both for an excellent review of the problem and two different work-arounds until the bug is fixed. You guys do GREAT work!