all contacts lost

Hi all,

Yesterday I noticed that all my contacts are gone.

  Some days ago I had to hard-reset my PC while eM Client was open.
  At application-restart it showed a “database check”-Window: checking Mails, checking …
  The last line of that Window was something like “none” or “not found”.
  I saw it, but did not care…

  Well, as it turns out, that last line seems to have indicated that there are no contacts to be
  repaired - which is wrong.

  Because of that loss I snooped around a bit in “…/AppData / eM Client”

I found this:

What are these folders for?

each of them again contains similar folders and Data-Files…

since I was looking for my lost contacts, I finally found this:

(one more contact_data.dat was at AppData/roaming/em Client/  but broken -> deleted it)

The Application seems to have multiple contacts-databases? what for??
Especially since one Application-Crash is enough to wipe all Contacts?
None of them is a “backup-File” or something?

that is disappointing.

Thanks for any ideas…