All calendar appointments gone from eM Client

I had 5 iCloud calendars and all are gone from eM Client (windows desktop) and eM Client (Apple laptop) as of this afternoon. They were working this morning. I’ve restored from a previous backup - didn’t change anything .My contacts and tasks are available. Calendar is still working as expected on my Iphone. When I sign into iCloud via browser, I get “There was a problem loading this content” for the Calendar. Please Help!

If you can’t sign into iCloud in your browser, this indicates a server issue. You should contact iCloud for assistance.

That would also most likely be the cause of the items not showing in eM Client.

Apple’s iCloud Calendar service is partially down, so I guess we’re stuck until Apple fixes it.


@spyboy thanks for the Apple status link :+1:

Thanks. Now I have browser icloud calendar back. However, I still don’t have any appointments in calendar view, but what is strange, I can see may appointments in the side bar.

Microsoft repaired the problem, everything is restored.