All accounts at the same folder

Ok, i just updated it to to 6.0 and all my account became a single folder, not showuing as separated anymore. I dont want that, how can i change it?

hi, this sounds like the same problem I have too. I used to have 2 separate Inboxes showing (for my 2 gmail accounts - Work and Home) plus Local Folders showing in my left hand Mail folders tree. i.e. something like:

-sent …

-outbox …

Local Folders
-inbox …

Following a recent update, it just started showing Local Folders only (so the Work and Home account folders weren’t displayed at all). I can see the contents of their inboxes if I use a Smart Folder - All Inboxes, but I can’t see them separately anymore.

How do I get it to display my accounts separately again?

Those unwanted unwarned changes are a pain in the a**

Hi, update to this version…

If you will still have your issue then write here who is your email service provider and what protocol do you use?


Hi John, thanks for your reply.

The forum won’t let me mark your comment as a good solution, but I can confirm I updated to the version you recommended and now I can see both accounts separately again, plus my local folders, which is exactly what I wanted.

Will this change persist in future eMclient updates? Or will I need to ignore the update notifications from now on and stick with v6.0.19723?

Thanks again anyway

On the next 2 or 3 updates, check this forum, I’ll give a feed back about that.

It will persist, we do not remove bugfixes. Only problem will come if it will be broke because of another issue. But that is not likely.