Alias uses default account info


I’m testing your client as an alternative to thunderbird which isn’t what it used to be. eM Client seems a great product, although I have a ‘problem’ with aliases.

I have a ‘general’ account which I have for everyday use. It’s also a ‘dropbox’ for other mailboxes who I forward to 1 box.

This results in having several aliases I can use to send mails regarding other domains or websites I manage.

Doing this with eM Client, the mails do state the alias name/source email and reply email address, but the mail source stil states the general account info which I don’t want to be visible in mails not send under my general account address. Not that I have things to hide, but I would like to send mails using one of these aliases without having my default personal data somewhere in the mail source.

How can this be achieved ?


Found the ‘problem’…it’s a Gmail-smtp ‘feature’. It always adds the accounts email as return-path…

Great - thank you for the info.