Alias used in Gmail. Header information is incorrect

I use an alias in gmail exclusively.  I don’t use the gmail account name at all for email.  When I send an email directly from gmail’s web site, the sender information correctly shows the alias name and the header information matches with the what is displayed in the “sender” information.

When I send an email using eM Client, the message appears correct, but the header info has the “Return-Path” listing the actual gmail account name, rather than the alias.  This is causing a lot of my messages to bounce back as spam.

Is there a way to resolve this?  I am using 6.0.24144.0 of the client.

Hi James,
you need to set up your alias in eM Client as well, as it does not have access to your aliases by default. You can set it up in Tools>Accounts>General tab of your gmail and under User Information in ‘Aliases…’
Unfortunately, eM Client currently does not support the option to use an Alias as a default sender address, so you will need to choose the email address you want to send your message from each time.