Alias is sending as main/default address

Whenever I send an email as an alias, the receiver will see the address as my main one. I’m using Google email.
I tried setting up a new account within eM Client with the alias as the main address, but the problem still occurs.
I really need it to work and I’ve run out of options.
Thanks in advance.

All alias does is change the reply to address in the email header. It does not change the from address. So what is the use?

Not even this. From my tests, you can’t see the alias at all. I can’t use the client if the aliases don’t work.

When I person gets an email from you, sent as your alias, it appears it is coming from you because that is the from address. But when they click on reply, it will go to your alias address.

If you look in the header, you will see that the reply to address is the same as the alias, and the from address is the same as the normal address. Is that not what you are seeing?

Alright, can confirm. When replying, it will reply to the Alias. But what I need is to the email sent is seen as sent from the alias, is this possible? What am I missing here?

You are not missing anything. It is a pointless feature, therefore what is the use?

I made a suggestion at

I managed to get it working, I think I was just being dumb. I had to set up some things directly on my email server and then it started working on the eM Client. Thanks for the help anyways!

At least it now appears to come from the alias. Just be aware that the main account address is still in the email header as Sender: