AirSync not syncing read/unread status?

Trying to use Em Client v6.0.22344.0 on windows 8.1 64bit against an Exchange Activesync Server 2010.

I know it’s not supported against Exchange Servers, but even not, I would report this issue with a hope for a quick fix.

It syncs with the server fine, all emails are downloaded and can be sent, but the Read/Unread status could not be synced with the server. My mobile phone and Outlook 2013 do not report emails I’ve read on eM Client as read. 

It works well the other way around, emails read on my mobile are marked as read on eM Client properly. 

So, in summary:

  1. Status for emails read on eM Client (or marked as unread on eM) do not propagate to server.
  2. Status for emails read or unread in other clients (ie Outlook 2013, Mobile Phone, etc.) are propagated properly to eM client.
    Would be good if it could be fixed at least unofficially.

Hello, eM Client does not support AirSync for Exchange servers, we’re unfortunately not allowed to use the protocol for Exchange sync due to licensing issues.