Agonizingly slow search

I’ve just made the jump from Thunderbird, where the searches were done instantaneously. I believe they index the folders to accomplish this.
By comparison, EMClient seems to take forever - I can leave the room for a few minutes and come back and it still won’t be ready.
Do I have to set an indexer to run?

What is the size of your database folder?

Very big.
I have about 25k emails in the main inbox. Many more in other boxes, but I only ask it to search the sender, recipient and subject in this folder, no subfolders.

Do you have enabled downloading of messages for offline use?

All of my emails are downloaded to my computer.

Send us your logs please: go to the menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “Database”. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

I made the check in Database and restarted and ran another long winded search. How do I send you the logs?

OK I just sent it to you at [email protected] with the Subject: For George Wilson, Re: Agonizingly slow search

Can we update this thread with results? I know this isn’t an isolated issue.

As far as I know, our technicians are still investigating the issue. I will inform you as soon as it is done.

May I confirm that this is not an isolated issue? My emclient installation is getting slower every day.

What is the size of your database folder?

17.2 gigabytes. i wish I could make it smaller, e.g. by archiving less frequently used folders into a separate file…

Archived messages are saved in the same database folder as well. The only possible way how to “archive” them to a separate file is to export them to .eml files.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Nevertheless, I am not sure it is very practical to create an eml file for each message when you have hundreds of thousands of messages archived, dating back to 1998… In MS Outlook (a mail client I am NOT very fond of…) you can have separate PST files for individual years or quarters and keep them offline unless you need to look for old messages. I guess there is nothing like that for EM Client? Thanks again.

That is correct. I agree that it is not the best solution but I wrote it only as a possibility.
On the other hand, eM Client can work with 50GB+ databases so yours should not get slower. Please run the tool available from… after the freeze happens. It should generate a log file (starting with “eM Client Stack” in your Documents folder) that will help us analyze the problem in more detail. Please send this file to us. Thanks.

I have created a dump and sent it to you via your support mailbox. Thanks a lot.

I have the same problem. I have problems scrolling through new emails because they wont open. My screen sits on a blank screen for awhile while the system is thinking. Not sure what to do.

Sorry guys, I am switching back to Thunderbird. I really appreciated the feedbacks I got from EM Client’s technical staff, but unfortunately they could not come up with a fix after several weeks. How unfortunate: the program looks clever and well designed and the way it integrates with google calendars and contacts is probably unparalleled. I wish you all the best for the future releases.


I am sorry to read this, but thank you for trying eM Client anyway.