Agenda not showing all day calendar events

Agenda doesn’t show all day calendar events, it would be really great if it could / did in order to get a full, at a glance look at what is going on that day.

agenda should be showing all day events by standard, does the agenda show other events from the same calendar?


All day calendar events are not showing on my business calendar. We use Google business services, so it’s Gmail.

I was unable to replicate the issue with a gmail account and all-day events are showing in the agenda, can you maybe provide a screenshot of the issue?


Hi Carlo,

‘all day calendar events’ should be shown in a small rectangle in the top of the calendar day. It’s not so big, so maybe you just ‘overlooked’ it?

Sorry it took so long to get the screen shot, I had to get back to my desk and deal with some things. In this case, the appointments are coming from a subscribed calendar on my business calendar (our office secratary).

If you look at the calendar in the screen shot, I should have agenda items for

“swathi- leave of absense”
“mahee - PTO”
“james - Vacation”

If I’m missing something then I would be glad to have you show me where this information would be. In this view the situation isn’t so bad because obviously I can see my whole calendar. But if I have the agenda open from the mail view I’m not sure where I would look to find out that these events are going on.

I think I see where the bug in the program is. I scrolled down to show today in this screen shot. Showing events “in the past” will show some of these calendar items as being past, but they are not considered current.

The problem I have with this is that they are in fact very current. They’re really current until the events end, but for whatever reason your software considers this a “past event”. This is honestly more than a little confusing, especially given the way every other calandering program works.

yes exactly as you said the problem is it’s only showing the event on the day it starts in the agenda. This is actually a really good idea for improvement,

Thanks for pointing this out, if you’d like you can create an ‘Idea’ topic suggesting we “fix” this and let other users vote on it.

But I think we might be able to fix the issue in next releases.

I hope you can work with the current settings until we do so.
Thank you,