Agenda Events not updating automatically

I have some iClound Calendars integrated into eM Client 7.2.34711.0

I use eM Client with my agenda constantly shown and my calendar events are also shown there.

If there is a entry made to my calendar from a different client (let it be another eM Client or an iPhone or iPad), these new events do not show up automatically in the agenda. So I first have to open my Calendar tab … then I see that the events are updatet there and THEN my agenda events are also updated.
In general my iCloud Accounts (I just use CardDAV and CalDAV from that) are set to updated while sending and receiving which is set to once every minute.

This is totally annoying because it makes the agenda somewhat useless if I have to switch to the calendar view first :frowning:


I reported on this over a year ago and it still happens. Just today, eM Client has been open all day, but it didn’t pick up any calendar changes I made yesterday with my phone until I hit the refresh button.

Glad to see that I’m not alone. Today even are starting up Windows I cannot see entries in my ageenda that were made on another device last night.
Do you have a paid license to report this officially as bug so that they would care?

Could you please hit “ME TOO” …

I do have a paid account. I’ve already logged it, but there doesn’t seem to be any movement on it.