Agenda Dates in the Right Column of Reader Pane

I may be asking this in the wrong place, and I did search for this issue and cannot seem to find anybody else needing it or ??? so…

While the dates do appear to the left, in a very small calendar, of any Tasks listed in the Agenda View, they are difficult to read for … well … me. Getting to be the old guy here.

What I would like to see is that each day is separated by a “header” (for lack of a better term) that at least displayed the day and date with all of the tasks, with their times, below it. See the attached png file. BTW - this stretched my artistic ability with paint, so I apologize for how rough this is, but this is how I would like to see the Agenda view laid out - or something similar. The small calendar date to the left of the entry can go away, or not, but it is irrelevant with this sort of layout.

Am I missing a setting somewhere that already does this, or is this actually a feature request?

Thanks all - hope your Saturday (or Sunday depending on where you are when you read this) is great!

In the right pane, by passing the mouse cursor over an item, you have the details of it.

They will be displayed in the day they are due, but Tasks don’t have times, just dates.

Or are you maybe asking about Events. Those we display on the date for the Event, and include dates for multiple day events. We also display the times only for those in the next week. Later than that we don’t display the time, just the dates.