After years of perfect functioning, the search feature no longer works

messages can no longer be found using search feature

Hi Gail, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you please make a screenshot of used search criteria showing no messages have been found?
Do you have the search criteria setup correctly, e.g. are you searching through current folder/all folders, are you searching for the recipient or possibly something in the body of the message?

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I have the same search issues.  It simply doesn’t work.  I’m running the latest EMClient version 6.21040.0
I tried the search shown.  It should have returned the message that is currently displayed in the reading pane, but it returned nothing.   “triptribe” is part of the sender address.

Hi Jeff, if you’re searching for a sender’s email address you have to use wildcards for better search results. Since the email address is between other letters and symbols such as @ or the first level domain .com possibly, I believe that by using “*triptribe*” in your search, you should see correct results.

If you’re not sure what is in front or after the searched word use * sign as wildcard.

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This is not too helpful.  I don’t know before the search whether there is anything  before or after “triptribe”, so I don’t know whether I need wildcards or not.  Why don’t you just default it to wildcard search like Gmail does?  See attached.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving this for future releases. However in the meantime if you’re looking for a partial email address you have to use wildcards for better search results.

Thank you for understanding,

Search still DOES NOT work.  I don’t know why on your side you think it works fine.  I just entered this person’s name.  The search bar expanded it to his full address.  I hit enter, and now it just sits there waiting for results.  This is not a wildcard issue now.

Hi again Jeff, sorry but I just noticed the number of messages in your mailbox, unfortunately with such high volume of messages eM client has to go through the whole mailbox to find matches, this unfortunately takes time. With this volume of mail messages in your mailbox, only possible accessory that could speed up the search would be an SSD drive on your computer.

You might be interested, why this doesn’t occur on your webmail application, this due to the fact that the server application (webmail) has an immediate access to all the data stored on the server, while eM Client has to download all this data.

Hope this helps, thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,
While I understand that a larger mailbox takes longer to search than a smaller one, I don’t understand the 2nd part of your message.   My understanding is that emClient has ALREADY downloaded all the headers of my messages, and the client is simply searching through a LOCAL copy of them.  Is that not the case?  And if it is, it still shouldn’t take minutes to search through just the headers, right?  Isn’t that what’s happening with the webmail app anyways?

One more thing:  MS Outlook search is immediate, even with the same # of message headers stored locally.

Hi Jeff, we believe that with this number of messages in your mailbox the search can take few minutes, even when searching in the headers, the difference is your computer has much larger performance power available for you and for all the users, where as your computer is limited by it’s hard drive etc. (mostly hard drive though, as standard HDD’s can take time while accessing data).

I’m sorry eM Client does not match the expected performance, however in most cases our search is much faster than other email client’s search features.

Thank you for understanding,