After upgrade from ver 6 to ver 7 all my archive folders have gone

After an update to ver 7 from ver 6 all my archive folders have disappeared and my inbox re populated itself but only what was left on my server. How can I retrieve the lost folders and their contents

Hello Kevin,
have you migrated your database?
If not, can you do so using the Menu>File>Import>Import from eM Client 6?
Do you have Local folders enabled in Menu>Tools>SEttings>General section?


Hi Olivia - sounds like I have to do that too. But I have been using v7 for a couple of months now. If I import the database from v6 will that erase everything I have done in v7 since I upgraded?

Hello Michael,
no data will be removed through the manual import. If you have already set up your accounts anew some data can be duplicated though (including accounts, rules, etc.).
I suggest making a backup of your current database first (Menu>File>Backup)