After updating to 7.1.30794, I noticed that the entire app is responding more slowly than before

After updating to eM Client 7.1.30794, I have noticed that the entire application is responding slower. For example, when deleting multiple emails from the INBOX, I used to be able to repeatedly press the “Delete” button above the email list and it would repeatedly delete multiple emails.  Now, no matter how many times I press the delete button, it will not delete any more emails until it finishes deleting the currently displayed email… and the display opens and displays the next email completely.  But, once it’s displayed, I have to press the delete for the next email.  This is severely slowing me down.  

Also, I have noticed that other tasks are slower… Refreshing email takes significantly longer than before the update. Posting/emailing-out a new email seems to take longer. 

It almost feels that the process is not multi-threaded any longer… and tasks can’t be done repeatedly or in succession. 

I have also noticed that emails are not being delivered promptly…  I.e. I see new emails appear on my phone (set to IMAP to the same account) long before they appear in my eM Client now… since the update. 

Does anyone know if this was done intentionally (i.e. to prevent some other reported problem) or if this is a bug/nuisance in this new release?