After update to 8.2.1473 message body blank for emails older than 2 weeks

I have several clients running 8.2.137 and all my old emails from a Gmail account display the body of the emails. I upgraded one client to 8.2.1473 and now all my old emails older than 2 weeks show no message body at all on that client. I have the account offline properties set to download all messages. Any thoughts? (This really is something eM Client should address, but even if you buy the product, as I have done, they don’t want to hear from you if you don’t buy a Pro support subscription.)

Hello anjin,

could it be that the mails you have received are all HTML mails and the setting for the display of the mails is “plan text”. That would explain the problem. You can find the setting in the menu under “Message-> Format”

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Thanks for the suggestion, but no, the setting is already HTML. And I can view all the emails up to 2 weeks old without a problem. Oddly, I can search for text that is in the body of older emails and it will find them, even though it won’t display any body. The size of my email folder is the same on both versions, so that would indicate to me that the content is in fact being downloaded - it just isn’t displaying.

Oh I’m sorry. :worried:

Unfortunately, I’m also overwhelmed.

If you check your e-mail via IMAP, you could at most set up the account again, if it is not too much work for you.

Thanks 1lluminate. I’ll try a system restore first, and then delete and add the account again if that fails.

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System restore didn’t work, but a repair of the account did (right-click on the All Mail folder > Properties > Repair). In hindsight I should have done that first, but it takes hours to complete, so I was a bit reluctant to do it. It’s possible that the update was unrelated and just coincidentally I noticed the problem at the same time, but for now I’ll hold off updating again.

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