after update, now receiving "Navigation to the webpage was canceled"

My installation has two IMAP accounts. I just updated to 6.0.22328.0. 

For just one of the accounts, when I try to retrieve email I get a popup window with the message “Navigation to the webpage was canceled - what you can try: retype the address”. There are no form inputs or controls on the window, so the only thing I can do is try to close it. When I do, I get a popup with the message “Authentication process is not finished. Do you really want to cancel the process?” and I have to click Yes to continue.

Note: this is very similar to

That entry suggested altering TLS settings, but did not specify what settings to change. I have tried all combinations of TLS settings, but still get the same behavior. So I am completely stuck.

Downgraded to 6.0.21372.0 and email works again. Please note that this is not a solution. The new release contains a regression, or a change in behavior, that should have been documented.

Hello, sorry to see this, what mail service are you using with eM Client? New releases of eM Client has an updated authentication method, and we’ve encountered issues with some of the Google’s partner apps, so if you’re using such mail service, you might be forced to re-setup your account in order to let the account work properly.

Can you make a screenshot of the issue please?

Thank you.