After Update no start of eM Client available. All local mails away!!! Neeeed help!

After last Update, eM Client didn ́t start anymore.
It wasn ́t able to repair itself. I startet a recovery but now all of my recently local stored mails are away. Is there any possibility to withdraw the uptdate? I would apreciate to downgrade to the Version before and to have my mails back.

With no help available (seems that there is no real support at thias major problem), I would have to change my client and no longer recommend eM Client.

Please help me.

What was the version of eM Client you were using successfully? Was it version 6 or just the previous released version?

To downgrade, uninstall eM Client (this will not remove your data) and then install the previous version from Of course if the database is corrupt in some way, then that won’t help at all. You could try running the repair manually. You will find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\DbRepair.exe