After the Saturday update I can not receive mail

After the Saturday update I can not receive mail. It tells me that it can not connect to the server, but it receives fine. I have two computers with your product and I only updated one. The one that I did not update is still working fine. The problem computer is running Win 8.1, and the working copmuter is Vista. I have an activation key and I know I paid you for it, but the program in the 8.1 computer now says it is the free version. I have tried everything. I have even deleted and set the accounts up again - nothing.

Hello Ricky, sorry to see this, unfortunately seems like there’s a slight issue after updating, re-activating your license in eM client using your activation key should allow you to restore all the features of your PRO version, however since you’re currently using the older version on one of your computers and experiencing this issue on another one,  do you think you could send me an email with your license details to and include your Update URL / HWGUID of both your computers.

To display Update URL and HWGUID, please navigate to the about page in eM Client under Help > About and use Ctrl+U to display Update URL and Ctrl+H to display HWGUID, and send me the copied information from both your current eM Client instances.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience, please let me know if the issue still persists, we’re working on resolving the issue.