After the latest update, my inbox got all messed up with new folders in it (Inbox, Send, Trash...)

I use eMclient with IMAP and I always had traditional folders like Inbox, Sent, Draft, Spam, Trash… nicely set. Now with the latest update i found out new folders under my Inbox, like Inbox, Sent, Trash… That gives me duplicate folders and very confusing arrangement of my email account, what happened in this last update?

Because you are using IMAP, you can just remove your account ans add it again.

I removed my account and tried it again but it keeps showing me duplicate folders for Sent, Trash, Drafts and Spam under the Inbox folder… Check the attatched print to see what I mean.

Looks like the non English folders have been created as sub folders in your Inbox. Is there anything in those folders?

Hi, my emails get duplicated on those extra folders. The non-english folders weren’t there in previous versions of eMclient… If I delete the non-english folders, they will come back the next time I open eMclient.
I’ve checked my email provider website, and there are no duplicate folders in my account, so this is an eMclient recent problem.

One thing you could try is to delete your database, and then setup your account again.

Close eM Client and delete C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. When you start eM Client again, go through the process of adding your account, and see if there is any difference.

Hi, I deleted the database but the problem persisted. Then I tried a different approach, I used POP3 instead of IMAP and it worked! However I would prefer to use IMAP instead of POP3, so it would be great if this problem/bug got fixed!
Thanks! ;D

I just want to add that using pop3, i’m not getting my sent messages…

Did you try upgrading to the latest version from and see if the problem is still there? Install the new version and add your account a second time as IMAP.

Yes, POP3 only receives new messages from the Inbox on the server, nothing else.

If you continue with POP3 and want your previous sent items, you can either export them through the web interface for your account and them import them into your local sent folder, or temporarily add the account as IMAP and copy the emails to your local sent folder. The same applies if after adding the IMAP account it is working correctly, you can copy any missing Inbox or Sent emails from the local POP3 to the IMAP tree.

Well, I’ve just installed the previous version (7.1.31085.0) and it’s working fine so I’ll just keep with that until a new version with this bug fixed comes out. Thank you all.