After the last update of windows10, the license (freeware) was lost.

After the last update of windows10, the license (freeware) was lost. When you enter the key, the program displays a message that the license was violated. Please explain, what is the violation of the license?
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I had the same problem, no reaction from eM. This is definitely a bug in the client or the way they handle free licenses.

I unstalled eM and installed Mozilla Thunderbird, has alwayes worked great. This was my last eM client.

Gert, is it possible you could register for a free license on another email address, and reactivate using the new key?

I have already tried that, the new license also is saying it is violating the license. A disable/unstall of existing license is not possible because it sayes it does not have a license. A repair does not work, it tells me there are problems with some files in the .cab. Tried to uninstall and reinstall, same problem.

There is definitely a bug in the eM client or the way they handle the license. My neighbour can not wait any longer, so i installed as mentioned Mozilla thunderbird.

But thank you very much for your try to help.

Ah yes I remember now, you had another thread about this.

Did you contact the sales department as requested in the error Sergey posted above? Did they not reply and that is what you mean by “no reaction from eM”?

if your error message says “This computer cannot be activated due to a violation of our license policy. Please contact our sales department.”  it means you were banned for breaking our license policy, this is most commonly using a Free license for commercial/work/business use.

Contact our sales department if you believe there was a misunderstanding or if you have more questions -