After setting up new email accounts eM Client won´t start any more

Hi guys,

I ´m using eM Client for months now. Yesterday I changed the mail provider of two of my mail accounts. After setting up MX entries eM Client couldn´t connect so I waited. This morning it was the same - no connection. I then added those two accounts a second time. And planned to move my received/saved mails to the newly added account.
At first it seemed to work, accounts were added again but I had to leave for work and therefor couldn´t test it immediately. When coming back and powered up my computer, eM Client didn´t startup correctly but told me to be unable to connect with presumably the account that was formerly unable to connect. And that´s it … I can see two “instances” of eM Client in taskbar. One with protocol and the found issues and so on and the other one where eM Client itself should be loaded in. Since hours no changing…

So my problem is I cannot send my emails which where stored from the first provider but I realldy DO need to access and transfer them to the new account/provider. I hope there´s a possibility to get eM Client back into a working state, backup/store my mails locally or push them to another account - no matter how but I need those mails again.
Do you guys have ANY idea how to get out of that dilemma?

Thanks in advance for any hints and help.


Changing MX records can take sometimes days where you can have mailbox connection issues till that’s all reconnected 100%.

Read the same in between, too… However, since eM Client was able to establish the new connection correctly, I guess the process to be completed by now and that it is now assumably getting tangled up with the duplicate but identical accounts.
Any idea if we can open the database or save and restore it so that I could access my mails (and attachments) again? Maybe copying the necessary files (which would that be exactly?) and paste them into a newly installed eM Client?