After removing AirSync I don't get my Calendar

  • I understand the AirSync feature is no longer supported by Microsoft. The last few weeks have been very frustrating trying to sort out sync issues with eM Client. I read on this site that we needed to remove the account and reinstall manually. I did so and followed the instructions posted by Olivia. Now that I’ve reinstalled eM Client v7 and configured as requested, I no longer have errors, however, I also no longer have my Calendar or Contacts working. If it’s not one thing it’s another with this program:( How do I get my Calendar working without the use of AirSync?

have you configured your account anew as IMAP or Exchange?



I’ve reinstalled it manually and tried both options. The Exchange setup failed to complete because my account hasn’t moved over yet. The IMAP was completed as per instructions. The problem is that when I disable AirSync I loose the Calendar feature and my Contacts don’t sync. The only thing that works is the Mail. If I enable AirSync the Calendar returns but I get Sync errors and it fails. How do I get the eM Client to work properly without AirSync?


My mail and contacts work fine in em client 7, but my calendar keeps disappearing so I have to keep refreshing it
Should I set up my hotmail as usual for mail and contacts and then set up a separate one for the calendar using just the Air Sync.  Can anyone tell me if this is possible or if they have tried this?