After reinstallation of eM Client on Androïd cannot connect to mail server anymore

Hi all
I have eM Client installed on my PC
I had to reinstall my Androïd eM Client and now he doesn’t want to reconnect to mails server any more. I use the practical QR Code function for all my 3 different account. One doesn’t want to connect
I set on the Androïd the same credential as the PC but no way. No connection. The error connection is:
“La connexion à [email protected] a échoué. [IMAP] Un essais a échoué. Celà est peut être causé par l’indisponibilité temporaire du serveur et les paramètres incorrects. Voulez-vs vérifier les paramètres, etc”

Basic Settings
IMAP: Port 993; TLS Force usage of SSL/TLS
SMTP: Port 465; TLS Force usage of SSL/TLS
I tried several settings but without success
Does have some body an idea on how to fix this issue

lunes 01 mayo 2023 :: 1909hrs (UTC +0100)

For all issues concerning eMC on Mobile you need to contact: [email protected]


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I seems to have this same problem with windows. It downloaded all the emails from my gmail account up until yesterday now I am getting an error message and nothing has downloaded since.