After primary email server reconfigured their system, I can't send emails using eMClient. They sit in the outbox.

My primary mail server experienced problems when moving to a new system. After working with them to restart my emails, I can’t send outgoing mail with eMClient. I have re entered the imap and smtp information provided by the email server into the account settings for eMClient several times but still can’t send outgoing mail. I can use the email server’s own webmail program and send an email, but not eMClients outbox. Any suggestions?

You did not say what the error is. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Operations.

Otherwise, there are two things you can check:

  1. You have the correct port and security policy settings. For SMTP it should be port 587 with security policy set to Force usage of SSL/TLS.

  2. Temporarily disable your anti-virus application, and try again.

Thank you, Gary.  I was using the port number provided by the email server.  It works now with 587.  Thanks again for the help.