After Hard Drive Crash Em Client DB Repair fails missing table Mail_fti.LocalMailsIndex3

Hi, I’ve been using Em Client for almost a year now,
and think its a great product that keeps getting better.
This is my first question/problem. I had a hard drive crash,
had to replace with new. Most everything was lost, except I
was able to recovery some data files.
I’m running Win7. I reinstalled the latest EM Client ver: 4.0.151145.0
First, it started ok and I was able to see old emails from before the crash.
Then it went into check mode and failed with error "inconsistent data, no such table,
I’ve read how your fix is to reinstall and use backup data.
Well my backup data is lost so is there a way to intsll the missing table or recreate it or by pass it.
The repair tool just doesn’t do it. I’m a retired it guy so if I could get the schema and a db edit tool
maybe I could insert the missing table?
The data I need to retrieve is my sent mail, draft mail, saved mails and contacts.
New mail can be downloaded from my service provider.

Any help is greatly appreciated

I am sorry but there is no chance to get it work without the Mail_fti file. Are you using IMAP, or POP protocol? If you are using IMAP, you can delete the database folder and then set your account again. All your messages will resynchronize from the server.

Hi George,
Thanks for the reply. I had to replace my hdd. reinstall win 7 and Em Client to ver. 4.0.15010.0. I was able to get up an running with a lot of work and old backups.
I’m missing about a years worth of in-box & sent messages.
Can I zip up and send you the old database and see if you could work some magic to try to recover any of this.

In my original post I was running the latest ver.4.0.151145.0 and the recovery prog couldn’t find file Mail_fti.LocalMailsIndex3. With this older sw version running there is no file by that name in the data base.

I’m pretty sure I have the sw and data from before the crash.

Pls let me know if its ok to send it to you and if there is a way to ftp it.
Thanks in advance for all your help.

I am sorry but we do not provide this services (data recovery) to Free users. You can purchase PRO licence and then contact my colleague at:
We will try to restore your data, but be aware we can not guarantee that we will able successfully repair the whole database.