After entering 60 contacts, the next day they disappeared

Hello all:

I was having some PC issues, so yesterday I had to reload Windows 10 (a clean install). One of the first pieces of software I reinstalled was my eMClient program. Yesterday I spent a good hour inserting over 70 different contacts in m contacts list. All was fine - even sent out a dozen emails to different groups.

Then this afternoon, I click on the “contacts” icon and that was empty - no contacts were listed. However, when I click on the “to” button when composing an email, it shows me all the contacts. But they are not shown at all when I click on the contacts icon on the bottom left. What gives?

What could be erasing/deleting my contacts like this? Any thoughts…

Ben Herrmann

Please go to Menu > Settings > General and make sure that Show Local Folders is selected.

Now go to the Contacts section of eM Client, and click on each folder in turn. Did you see the contacts anywhere?

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Yes many thanks - I feel like a fool. Oh well, you’re never too old to learn!

If you have an eg: IMAP type account, I would also suggest (when you add contacts) to add them to the IMAP online account contacts in eM Client and not the local account, as that way the contacts “always come back automatically” in eM Client when you add the IMAP account.

Also the contacts automatically then show up on all other connected IMAP mobile devices too.

You can also export the current local contacts in eM Client & import them into your IMAP contacts online if you do have an IMAP account. I did that years ago when I changed from a local pop account in eM Client to IMAP online accounts.

What type of the contact account do you mean? CardDAV?

All is well now. I just had to enable my show local folders option - and the contacts showed up again.