After deleting an open email, can I choose what email I see next?

I’ve noticed that with the latest release, when you delete an open email, the next email DOWN gets opened automatically, regardless of the order I display my emails in my inbox. However, I display my inbox with the latest emails at the top so if I delete an open email, I’d like the next email opened to be the next one UP (or newer). Is there a way I can do this? If not, may I suggest you look at this for the next release?

Several of us are hoping that they make it so we can totally turn off this action. I absolutely hate having another message open when I hit delete.

No, it is not possible at the moment but we will consider adding of this option in the future.

George, please consider reverting to the behavior seen in the previous release. This new behavior is almost a deal-breaker. Sincerely - Peter

George, the feature we are all talking about was occurring prior to the latest release being installed. Not sure why this new release has bypassed previous settings. In addition, when I open a new email, it used to open fully in my screen. Now it opens in a small window off to the side where I have to either click the “square” box in the top right to open fully or I have to drag the message over to view it. Not sure why this new release changed my viewing settings. Please help on getting us back to the old viewing. Thanks!

They are aware of the issue with the window size:…

I echo the screen size setting. Quite annoying.

Also just as important is the message that gets displayed after deleting an email. I am not sure why this setting changed and it’s also almost a deal breaker for me. The two combined changes now add one click to resize the window, one click to close the next email after deleting, and then a final click to get back to the message I want to get to. Please revert back! Thanks for your prompt assistance

I love your software dearly, but yes – having to manually open each and every email is a bit frustrating. It seems I have to do that or just next and then remember to delete them all from the main screen. Either way, being able to hit delete and get the next email would be most awesome.

(Sorry to necro)

Hope that the next update will make you happier :slight_smile:

I don’t know - that what … 24 hour wait? … between request made and request filled… :slight_smile:

My ONLY suggestion is to let us choose if it goes up/down and when there’s no more to close the window … BUT I can quite happily live with how it is now. :slight_smile:

I love eM Client and its awesome set of features!

But please let us choose what happens after deleting an e-mail. I really want the window to close when I delete a message (like it happens in Outlook).

I agree, that this is almost a deal breaker, because it creates many unnecessary steps each time I delete an email.

Is there a already schedule for the next update?


In next major release there will be option in settings that will enable close window after delete.


That’s great news, thanks! :slight_smile:

you are welcome.


It is a step in the right direction, but if you read my original question, it’s clear that this is not a solution. Perhaps you will be able to provide one for the subsequent release.


opening email above the mail you have deleted right now is not planned so far. Maybe in the future if enough people will request this, but now we are focusing on TODO list for next version.


I hate this feature with such passion I am considering dropping eM Client altogether. I would certainly not recommend eM client to any colleagues or friends either until we have the ability to choose to disable this feature. Automatically opening the next email is great in the morning when you have a host of unread emails but when my inbox has 50 emails that I have read and are awaiting my action I have no need to reopen them again.

It is annoying, frustrating and a waste of my time closing emails that I have already read.

Agree Peter, this is a deal-breaker as far as I am concerned. What an annoying and completely unnecessary feature. Roll back the previous release.

Might sound like a good idea until you are busy deleting all your spam emails in the morning only to have your legitimate emails pop up and be deleted also. Get rid of this feature please.

Irritating I can agree with … I think I’ve seen the same saved email 400 times now … BUT … I think you’re overreacting just a tad. It’s, what, less than three seconds to move your mouse or hit ALT-F4?

Would I like to have it close after you’re through the unread emails? Absolutely. Would I pitch a fit over it? Not so much.