Advanced System Optimizer 3 problem with eM Client

I have a registered version of Advanced System Optimizer 3. Every time the program performs weekly scheduling tasks it always uninstalls the eM Client (also registered) email client that I use.

This is bothering me, as I have to use to the program’s setup (emclient-v8.2.1237.msi) and choose to repair it. In addition, the operation to get the eM Client functional again in sync with all accounts is very slow. This is bothering me a lot.

How can this be prevented?

Perhaps you should find out how to add eMC to ASO’s exclusion list… if one exists

Yes agree with @sunriseal eM Client will need to be excluded.

I would contact Advanced System Optimizer support via their email address or Contact Us - Systweak Site

I am grateful for the attention!
I was able to carry out the procedure with the ASO and the latest logs for verification were sent to the eM Client development team.

Were you able to exclude eM Client from ASO 3 to stop EMC from being uninstalled automatically ?

Yes! From the System Protector of ASO module in the settings option, I added the main EMC folders to be excluded from the scan:
c:\program files (x86)\em client
c:\users\myname_user\appdata\local\on client
c:\users\myname_user\appdata\roaming\on client

But I will only know if it will work well in the next scheduled scan. I’ll post the result here …

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Good Morning.
The ASO has just done its full weekly scan routine, the computer has rebooted and the EMC has not been uninstalled/removed this time. Therefore, the procedure appears to be adequate.

A small correction, the main EMC folders added to be excluded from the scan were:
C:\program files (x86)\em client
C:\users\myname_user\appdata\local\em client
C:\users\myname_user\appdata\roaming\em client