advanced search query

Please add the possibility to search eMail with a more complex search query ( Thunderbird has it since years )
A search with keywords “and” and “or” and Braces is really needed!

Maybe this search-kind can be slower than the default one, but please add it!
I’m really thinking about to return to Thunderbird because of the lack of this feature. 

I want to specify a search like:
"( All Subjects with [phrase] and between [date/time] and [date/time] ) or ( with [phrase] within body and between [date/time] and [date/time] ) "

Hi Tobias, advanced and complex search requests are not supported in eM Client. OR and AND options while using the standard search criteria are supported using the ‘,’ and ’ ’ (space) signs.

We’ll consider improving search options for future releases.

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I unfortunately know it’s not supported, but’s good to hear that you are “consider” to improve it.


3 year passed.

Any progress on that? Missing the feature a lot!

How does that comma OR work? I want Unread OR Flagged, but “read:no, flag:yes” errors out. I can find no format with a comma after no that works.

As far as I know the OR function is restricted to a single field. So “from:Bob,James,Chris” will find messages from Bob OR James OR Chris.

That is an almost trivial fix. I hope they get to it.

That is not a fix.

It is the limitation of the function as implemented in eM Client.

It is a limitation that needs to be enhanced, if you prefer. But it is so retarded I would call it a fix.

I completely agree that there needs to be some development with the search feature; it is pretty basic. Some things were changed but the limits are still frustrating.

Unread OR Flagged is the only thing I miss from frickin’ Outlook. Even with grouping, the logic is next to nothing. But how about a simple serial OR? Let us edit the text to change the evaluation order. That could be done in no time.

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