Advanced account settings

My employer gave me clear instructions on how to setup IMAP connection to my Office 365 account due to the shift to OAuth2. However, the current version of eM client (9) does not support manual account settings: I cannot enter the port (instead it tests them in diagnostic, which fails due to authentication settings), I cannot manually setup authentication method. Where is this gone? Shall I switch to Thunderbird for this particular account or is there possibility of advance account settings within eM client?

You cannot change an account from Basic Authentication to oAuth. You need to remove it and set it up again.

Go to Menu > Accounts > Add Account and enter the email address in the Automatic Setup then click on Start. The account will be setup correctly.

Wow, now I realize my mistake: I went through clicking on “other providers” and the process got stuck instead of just putting an e-mail and leaving the rest on eM Client.