adresses, which are not blacklisted - but still end up in junk folder; some kind of rule issue

I am quite sure that the rules I have created for my folders are logically correct. 

But for some specific adresses and folders em client always puts mails into the spam folder. This is especially true for messages I actually SENT.

In these cases I try to remove the respective mail from the junk folder to the folder I set the rule with by hand. But then it takes only seconds and em client puts such a mail back into the junk folder. 

I already checked the blacklist - the respective mail adresses are not to be seen there. 

Any ideas?

This is probably being done by your email service provider, e.g. Gmail. Try setting a rule there. 

For example, in Gmail:

  1. Setting -> Filters and Blocked Addresses -> Create a new Filter
  2. Enter the problematic address and click on create
  3. Select Never send to spam from the list

Seems to work so far, thanks. I will see how it goes in the near future. 

The problem only came up after I created folders and connected adresses to them. So my mail provider (GMX) must get confused by this, I guess. Before setting up those folders and rules, this junk folder issue was non-existent. 

It is happening more and more with new adresses, and on the GMX page you have to type in every single adress within the whitelist by hand . . . ist there any way to simply export/import all my em client contacts?

Turn off junk mail filtering on GMX and see if there is any difference.

I once did that and em client let everything through, so I would have to blacklist every single spam mail by hand, so I would rather not. (It would be even easier to set up every single contact mail as whitlistetd on GMX)

does em client not have an own spam filter being updatet on a regular basis, actually?

If the provider is moving messages to the Junk folder, then there is nothing you can do in eM Client to change that. It is something you need to configure in the GMX web interface.

I just wonder what the problem ist, because it only happens because of the em client rules and folders I set upt. Otherwise GMX would not interfer. 

eM Client will only move messages to the Junk folder because of two reasons:

  1. You have added the address or domain to the Blacklist Rule. 

  2. GMX has classified the message as spam but not moved the message itself. In that case the Spam filter Rule will move the message. 

If you disable both Rules and this is still happening, then the messages are being moved by the server. You will need to change the configuration using the web interface for GMX to change that behavior as this is not something configurable in any email client.

If I remember correctly, Thunderbird has it’s own spam filter, which is being regulary updatet - so one can without further disadvantages turn off the mail provider’s spam filter. 

So em client does not offer such a thing?

No, eM Client does not have a spam filter. It relies on your email provider to manage spam, or you can manually add addresses or domains to the Blacklist Rule. That is all.

okay, thanks. This pretty much sums it up. 

if em clienet managed to implement a spam filter, too, which would be nice, the problem I described probably would not arise 

Providers like Google have already spent ridiculous amounts of money developing their artificial neural technology to detect spam. How could anyone compete with that on a local computer? Maybe better to leave the detection to the experts and concentrate on developing other areas of the application.  :wink:

well, thunderbird seems to do the job, although everything else by thunderbird is not as good as em client 

Well Thunderbird is an opensource community project, so practically has unlimited developers at hand to work on these things. Thunderbird also uses addons to provide features that are not already included in the application, or to replace existing features with better solutions. That means there are options of which spam detection option to use, which also stimulates competitive development of such feature addons.

eM Client does not operate on those principles, being neither opensource nor using addons.

ic, interesting

I sent GMX this mail:

I am using em client and within this program I set up folders and rules – I am sure the later are logically correct.

Since em client does not offer a spam filter, I have activated the GMX spam filter.

Before I set up the folders and rules by and with em client everything worked just fine.

But after I did this, the GMX server got confused.

Instead of putting received messages in the respective folders I have set up according to the em client rules, GMX puts a whole bunch of mails into the spam folder. This is especially true for mails I have actually SENT.

The problem got better after I put all my contacts into the GMX white list, which is quite cumbersome (any way to import?). But the problem still exists.

Any ideas?

Well, you already know what the canned response will be from GMX. They will give you a long list of FAQs that have absolutely no bearing on the issue at all. :wink:

But when you do manage to get through to an agent, they are actually quite good. Some years back it was impossible to setup GMX CalDAV and CardDAV with eM Client. But a few emails between myself, GMX and eM Client developers, and now we have GMX complete automatic setup in eM Client.

I sincerely hope they can sort it out for you, as otherwise they are a really reliable provider.

In the mean time one thing you can do to rule out eM Client, pun intended, is to disable all Rules and see what happens.

Since the problem only came up AFTER I set up the rules and corresponding sub-folders, I think, it is quiete clear, that this is a GMX specific problem. But thanks. 

I hope I do not simply get a FAQ list. :wink: If so, I will start writing GMX over and over again.