Adressbook / mailingslists without function

hi, at first a want to say sorry for this bad english.

I have a problem with the adress book. You say “full sync with google”. This is not true. the mail groups in google are visible but not useable !

you can not send any email to these groups. in gmail direct in the web interface and with thunderbird (+Google contacts 0.6.41) this works very fine, but in em client it doesn#t work.

Greetings from Germany

eM Client should create a distribution list for that - can you please save it as .vcf and send it directly to me? Thank you.



Hi so i don’t want to post my private adresses here and i allready answered you but it seems that is was a noreply adress ??

I received your email and will take a look on it but I have been quite busy the past few days so I could not reply to you sooner.