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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if someone would have a tip/trick on how to be able to Save All Attachments when its from Adobe Reader Pro DC without taking FOREVER lol.
It’s started a few months ago, all of a sudden, it takes between 1 to 5 min to save when before it was a flash. (it’s always been he same files, same size, etc. Nothing has changed in saving except the time. Now I get a box in the middle of the email screen after I click where to save and it takes forever. (sorry, I’m blabbing lol)
Anyone else having this issue?
Is it more of an adobe issue?

Thanks for all input,

martes 12 octubre 2021 :: 2050hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @ngcousineau

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Yes, for me it was an Adobe issue, I had the same delay problem.
I deleted Adobe and moved to Nuance Power PDF Advanced;
To save a PDF attachment is now virtually instant.

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I am using Windows 10 Pro. I am trying out your email software but every time I try to save a pdf file the program locks up and the only way out is force close in task manager. I must be able to use Adobe so this is a show stopper until I can work with the files.