Administration is for customers only

Get a message that “Administration is for customers only” when logging into licensing system

Hey Dale!

I had the same problem, after a system crash. On a whim, I tried a different way to enter the details that they sent me in the license info email. Turns out, they are very specific in how things are entered. When I changed Group:“user” to Group:“User” and entered Username: and Password: , everything worked like a charm!!! Maybe give that a try??? Shawn (I should have copy/pasted it in the first place, I guess!!! :slight_smile: )

Thanks, srratcliffe - That’s exactly what it was!!  the word “user” is case sensitive and must be upcase.

No thanks to emclient help group - but the user group solved it.  Thanks!

Glad I could help! I sure they are just busy!!! :slight_smile: