I found this in my inbox - the sender email address looks suspicious

This is to notify you for the final time that we have stopped processing incoming email and files on your account, since you have refused to upgrade your account to our new service and we will be forced to De-activate your account if this notice is ignored.Please
take a second to update your account below…

the link sent me to:…


I seriously doubt that eM Client is generating that message. It is probably either coming from your email account provider or it is malware trying to get you to click on that link. If it is the later, DO NOT click on the link.

Hi Rick,

Laurel is right -

As a matter of fact ,don’t even open any message if/when you don’t recognize the Sender.
Instead, r-click the message and select View Mail Header or View Mail Source
at the bottom of the menu and scrutinize it.

You certainly don’t want to open the message - or worse - open any links in the message.
that can be enough to infect your computer . unless you work in a “sandboxed environment” .

So the usual applies - DELETE, DELETE…

The previous comments are correct. This is not from eM Client. The clue is in the link.

Spammers send out messages trolling for active email addresses. Typical are the ones that ask you to unsubscribe if your don’t want further message from them. If you never signed up with them, don’t try and unsubscribe. As soon as you do, they know that address is active and will likely sell it on to others.