Addressbook disappeared

Two weeks ago I reported the sudden disappearance of my addressbook. Only items with a label were still there, the majority without label had gone. Up till now I had no reply from you about that.
Indeed, very sudden, one day I still used addresses of it, the next day it was gone.
Today I updated to 8.2.1237, but the problem is still there. It means a.o I cannot send mail to groups, have to look in Sent-items for adressess etc. Very ennoying.
Please help.
with kind regards,
Piet de Geus,

If this is with Google Contacts, login to your Google Contacts through your web browser. Move all the contacts from the Other Contacts folder to the Contacts folder.

Close your browser and restart eM Client.

Hi Gary, this same thing just happened to me, so followed your advice and found them in Other Contacts in
I individually moved each one to Contacts, and like magic they have all reappeared in my emClient contacts list again.
Many thanks for your advice.

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