Address autocomplete very slow

Ever since I updated to eM Client Pro v9.2.1735 I’ve noticed that the address autocomplete fields are now requiring several seconds before it finds a match. The length of time seems to based on how many emails I’ve sent the recipient, where the more emails, the longer it takes. Is there any fix to this?

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Could be something went wrong on the upgrade.

Suggest to first backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” (PC) or "File / Backup (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete in “Show Operations” via the dropdown on the right of Refresh.

Once backed up go to “Menu / Settings / Mail / Compose” and part way down you can “Clear your recipients history”. So clear that and save the settings and close and reopen eM Client. Then compose and email and click the To: icon to bring up your contacts and select a recipient and send a test mail.

Then compose another email and see if the same recipient appears quick in the To line when you type, or still has the longer delay.

If it’s now quick again to bring up the recipient in the history then you have two options.

1). Either continue on with the current installation untill you have all the recipients back in the history field.


2). if you have been doing regular eM Client backups and have backed up your previous eM Client before you upgraded, then uninstall your current eM Client version and delete the database when asked on the uninstall wizard. Then download your previous eM Client version from the release history page and reinstall.

Once your previous version is reinstalled, skip the wizard setup and restore your prev version backup via “Menu / File / Restore” (PC) or “File / Restore” (Mac). Then see if your recipients are back to normal speed without the delay.

If you then have no delay with your prev eM Client version, then try upgrading again to the latest version and see if that fixes the delay.

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Thank you for the suggestion. You have me an idea in regards to clearing the recipients history; I noticed under Settings > Mail > Compose the option “Use all recipients from Sent folders for suggestion”. I decided to try unchecking that and now the address autocomplete is back to normal. If I start having issues again then I may try your suggestion.