Additional task occurrences are only created when previous ones are completed

If you make a repeating task and look at the agenda, you should see only one occurrence of it. It appears that you need to mark each occurrence as completed to cause the next one to be created.

I think this is a serious flaw because forgetting to mark a task as completed causes future occurrences to not exist or be displayed in the agenda. The program basically loses track of the series.

In my opinion it is not a problem but it is logical behaviour. If all occurrences will be displayed it would be confusing - don’t you think?

I actually see this the other way around; this behaviour seems illogical to me, and I think it would be less confusing if the agenda showed accurate information rather than informing the user that task occurrences don’t exist.

Besides the problem I mentioned above, this is inconsistent with the calendar functionality. Occurrences of calendar appointments are all shown, and I’m happy with how this works. Why would it be confusing for tasks to work in the same way?

Perhaps we’re thinking of using tasks in different ways. Here’s a realistic use case:
-A user has to put his/her garbage bin out once a week for the garbage to be collected.
-The bin must be out by a certain time on a certain day.
-The user creates a recurring task to capture this information, including a reminder.
-eM Client reminds the user at the appropriate time.
-The user puts the bin out but forgets to mark the task as completed.
-Later on, the user checks his/her agenda to see if he/she can make arrangements for the same day next week.
-The agenda shows no items for the day because eM Client does not show an occurrence of the task.
-The user makes other arrangements and forgets to put the bin out the next week because eM Client didn’t remind him/her.