Additional special folders for templates and archive

In eM Client 6.0.21040.0 there are existing special folders. The following are existing:

  • Sent
  • Drafts
  • Trash
  • Junk

Would be nice if additional are going to be supported like:

  • Templates
  • Archive

Thunderbird supports these two. See more on the screenshot.

Hi Maurus, archiving feature is only supported for accounts that support online archivation such e.g. Gmail, in case you’re using a Gmail account with the All Mail (Archive) folder enabled for IMAP, your inbox should display an “Archive” button, which moves the message to the Archive (All Mail) folder.

If you want to use automatic archiving feature in eM Client, enable the option and a local archive folder should be created after you perform your first archiving.

You can store your templates in Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.


I don’t use Gmail. I’m using GMX there I have found the button which you mention (see screenshot). I overlooked it before, sorry about that. And I also find the archive command under the action menu.

But on my Fastmail account I don’t see the archive button Although fastmail does have an archive folder. Could it be a problem because Fastmail uses differen Root folder as described here:

I had a closer look on the automatic archive. But this is “only” working locally right? Would be nice if it is possible to choose a path of the server as well.

I saw that option as well. If I got it right it’s also “only” possible to store it locally right? Here it would be nice as well if it’s possible to store it on the server or at least to choose a path on the server as an option. Like that the templates are stored centrally.

If an Archive folder is present on your server, that doesn’t unfortunately necessarily mean the archiving feature is fully supported on your server. If the archive button is not present, the feature is not available on your server.

Automatic archiving feature in eM Client is for local archivation only.

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Can you let me know what the server needs to support so that the archive button is working. If I have that information I will contact the e-mail service provider and check with him if he is supporting that or not or if he can adjust it so that it’s working.

Thanks for the info about local archivation.

Your server needs to support online archivation, here’s the specification documentary for your provider (, specifically it needs to support the \archive special use mailbox.


Thanks. Just asked the e-mail service provider. Will wait for an answer.

I got an answer from the e-mail service provider. Here the answer:
“Hi. Thanks for reporting this. There was an issue with the CREATE-SPECIAL-USE support in our IMAP server. We’ll look into how to fix this, but in the meantime I have set the various special use flags correctly on your account. Please let us know if you continue to have issues”
The “archive” button is now available. And even autodiscover (when setting up the eM Client) and mapping to the right special folder (Inbox folder, sent folder and so on) is now working.

Hi again, thank you for following up with us, glad the options are now working, please make sure to let us know if you come across any future questions or issues about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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