Additional emoticons?

I would like to be able to add several animated emoticons to the list within eM Client.

Is there a folder in the program files that I could drag several emoticons and/or smilies into it, to facilitate having them handy in the pull-down menu, rather than ‘adding an image’ as I’ve been doing all along?  

In advance, many thanks.

Hello Bob,
there is no option to add your own smileys at this time, so inputting images is the only workaround at this time.
I will change this thread to an Idea so our developers can consider adding such feature in the future though.


Hi Olivia,

Thank you for the speedy response, and for passing the idea on to the developers!  COOL!

                    (<=== feel free to grab it!   )
Have a GREAT day!

Warmest Regards,

Yes! There is no serious frown. How do you expect us to work with-out proper tools!!